ALKOS Group’s management and services are very client-oriented and ready to adapt to any request. Their goal is to ensure our clients the best service possible, with the monitoring of industrial performances that strives for excellence across change management, driven by a LEAN approach.

A well-determined and ambitious investment plan enables our teams to support an integrated strategy within ALKOS Group, that is strongly service-oriented.
ALKOS Group was recently selected by several major actors in the industry to be “a preferred supplier for strategic pilot projects” on various collaborations as part of long-lasting and solid partnerships.

Full Service

ALKOS Group’s wide range of products offers a real choice of “Ready-to-go” products, allowing our clients to reduce the Time To Market to launch their products.
A specific and experienced team is in charge of developing standard product ranges.

Standard or
tailor-made products

ALKOS Group offers a wide range of standard products that can be amended for tailor-made projects.
We also provide a unique custom-made service with due regard to confidentiality, in order to develop a cooperative long-term relationship and trust with our clients.
This service is able to meet the most comprehensive client briefs, by taking into account our clients’ particular expectations (product specifications, restrictive guide line lists…).

On Time In Full

Our service performance rate is at the heart of our global strategy.
ALKOS Group has significantly invested in its industrial production capacity and pursues its strategy : optimizing its supply chain on all of its production sites.