Our R&D Department is made of a multi disciplinary team of pharmacists, biologists, engineers and colorists who work closely together with our Marketing Department. They combine their skills and creativity to innovate and satisfy our clients’ requirements to provide a high level of service, quality and security to the products we develop.

Our expertise extends to several cosmetic technologies (emulsions, hot poured, molded, extruded-molded…) and takes into account international regulations as well as industrial manufacturing constraints. The R&D team is in permanent and transversal contact with Project Managers and production teams. It is also very involved in the assessment of production feasibility all along the development, in order to guarantee a smooth production process from the products’ design to their manufacturing.


Over 1700 raw materials are handled each year through an Electronic Documents Management System - EDMS - in connection with a specific and dedicated R&D software called COPTIS. It is accessible to formula developers and regulatory participants. It enables us to ensure that clients’ constraints and requirements are met as well as the continuity of formula development: formula design, stability, compatibility, validation tests such as challenge tests, tolerance tests, endurance test etc… Each year, over 2200 formulae and 150 regulatory files are processed.

Regulatory issues

ALKOS Group’s regulatory department is in direct contact with our clients’ experts - various professional associations and entities - thereby gathering business and legal intelligence. It relies on specialized laboratories’ expertise to undertake tests on products and specific service offers, in order to ensure the compliance of clients’ requests with the regulatory frameworks:
- Clinical tests (challenge test, patch test,…)
- Laboratory tests (SPF, dermatological, ophthalmological, performance claims,…).