Providing our clients with quality products and services stands at the heart of ALKOS Group’s philosophy.
An experienced team is dedicated to monitoring various checkpoints all along the products’ transformation cycle: from receiving raw materials to performing tests on production lines as well as quality checks on finished goods and ranges of possible packaging defects (previously determined with our clients).

An internal Group Quality insurance system has been implemented in each plant, to define and standardize our operations from the management of tender process to the shipping.


The high level of the Quality organization within the ALKOS Group is supported by an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) that operates through a Manufacturing Execution System called QUBES.
The entire set of documents pertaining to quality controls is managed by this software that brings efficiency and reliability to all of ALKOS Group’s production sites.

Quality Reference System

ALKOS Group is regularly audited by global key players of the cosmetics industry, with great success. Its GMP standards fulfill their highest requirements:

Qualité Franceiso22716Certification « Qualité France »
Compliance with BPF ISO 22716