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Throwback to the Innovation Tree winners of the MakeUp In shows!

ALKOS Group has been part of the Innovation Tree contest of the MakeUp In shows since its beginning, and each year, the jury chose our formulae to be featured in the incredible Innovation Tree of MakeUp in Paris, MakeUp in New-York and MakeUp in Sao Paulo! For MakeUp in New-York 2017, 2 innovative formulae for makeup and skincare were featured in the same Innovation Tree, a first!

Let us take a quick look back at our winning products :

2015 :
MakeUp in Paris : Intense'N'Stay Jumbo Twist Eyeshadow
MakeUp in New-York : Liquid Like Ultra Glide Eyeliners

2016 :
MakeUp in Paris : Moonlight Kiss Fluo Lipsticks
MakeUp in New-York : Perfume Touch'Up
MakeUp in Sao Paulo : Single Twin Eyebrows

2017 :
MakeUp in Paris : Tattoo Lip Contour
MakeUp in New-York : Perfume Body Tattoo + Exfoliating Charcoal Stick

See you next year for more!