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Philippe Pavageau takes office as new CEO of ALKOS Group

First appointed Group General Manager in November 2016, Philippe PAVAGEAU will be taking office as CEO of ALKOS Group with effect on July, 1st 2017. He will be replacing Dominique Vautier, who has decided to retire after 7 years of service.

Philippe Pavageau will be enforcing and continuing the Group strategy, by strengthening its position on the European continent, and by expanding its presence in the United-States and Latin America, mainly by creating new partnerships with local partners.

“Our mission is to build seamless partnerships with our customers to accelerate and drive growth by promoting Innovation and consistently delivering high-quality products On Time. To accomplish this mission, our People at ALKOS Group work each and every day with Passion and Dedication toward Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction.”

Philippe PAVAGEAU - Philippe Pavageau is a graduate of the prestigious French Ecole Centrale de Lille. He has begun his career within the cosmetics industry as Plant Manager for Group ROCHER, in which he has served at various senior positions with increasing responsibilities: in France first, as Director of Supply Chain and Packaging Development and Director of International Development. He then gained valuable experience abroad as General Manager for Group ROCHER in Brazil, COO North America, and CEO of Direct Selling for the USA and Mexico.

In addition, Mr. Pavageau has been instrumental in the development of the YANBAL Group in Latin America within the positions of General Manager Cosmo Intl USA, VP Supply Chain Yanbal, VP Operations and Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing.